Brighton Center Honored with Unconventional Leaders Award

Five local employers celebrated as uncommon leaders

NKY-based Talent Magnet Institute puts spotlight on companies investing in their people 

Newport, KY – Talent Magnet Institute, a privately held workforce leadership, employee development and coaching and consulting company based in Newport, presented five regional employers with the inaugural Unconventional Leaders Award at an executive leadership event at The Metropolitan Club.

The following leaders were honored on behalf of their company:

Dan Calonge, on behalf of altafiber

Josh Deutsch, on behalf of SpringDot

Tara Halpin, on behalf of Steinhauser

Sharmili Reddy, on behalf of Kenton County Planning & Development Services

Wonda Winkler, on behalf of Brighton Center 

“These are incredibly powerful times to be in a decision-making position for investing in your team’s growth,” said TMI co-founder and CEO Mike Sipple, Jr. “The landscape of leadership development and talent strategies seems like it changes by the minute, and the five leaders we called on for this award are proactive, nimble, and committed to the investment it takes to take their teams to the next level.”

Each awardee has an established partnership with TMI to offer their teams curated leadership development courses, coaching opportunities, access to exclusive resources, customized training, and more. 

TMI’s services are catered to each partner’s specific leadership development needs, and its ongoing enrollment is open to employers across industries, geographies, and for all levels of their employees

altafiber Head of Learning & Development Dan Calonge: “Our team focuses on fostering the great culture we have at our company, which includes personal and professional development of employees at all levels. Our partnership with the Talent Magnet Institute allows us to utilize a variety of strategies to help our employees grow as we expand our fiber network throughout our market. We are humbled by the recognition and look forward to our continued partnership.”

SpringDot President & CEO Josh Deutsch: “After 27 years of running my family’s fourth generation business, I have come to learn that sometimes I must go outside my four walls for help. Over the years, we hve had some partners come and go with mixed results. However, Mike and his team at TMI are not one of those partnerships. Mike and his team have always provided us with the help and support we need at times in our darkest hours. He remains on speed dial, and is always there to help, support, and guide us through major issues. I value him as a friend and a partner, and am honored for this recognition.”

Steinhauser, Inc. CEO Tara Halpin: “At Steinhauser, commitment to our team and our customers is paramount. We have clarity, intention, and focus to lead a healthy and vibrant culture. This all derives from having a clear strategic plan, aligning our people to the mission and purpose, supporting our people to be at their best and creating clarity to accomplish our desired goals and outcomes. TMI has helped me gain the clarity needed to lead the business as CEO while investing in and developing our team to best support their roles, functions, leadership and lives.” 

Kenton County Planning & Development Services Executive Director Sharmili Reddy: “I am pleased with our strategic partnership with TMI that designed a customized learning and development solution for our leadership team, so we can continue to build on our collective strengths. We are humbled and encouraged by this recognition.” 

Brighton Center President & CEO Wonda Winkler: “Job quality, building leadership, and supporting our staff in achieving their full potential have always been important to us. TMI has been a great resource to our team. We are so excited about this recognition as it affirms our values.”

About Talent Magnet Institute
Talent Magnet Institute (TMI) is powered by Centennial executive search – a family-owned, three-generation Cincinnati staple with a global footprint and almost 5 decades of experience. 98% of its current business comes from repeats/referrals. TMI provides companies and their leaders with tools, resources, and support to increase engagement, retention, further leadership development, and attain great talent. TMI offers configurable employee development and team-building solutions to help the company’s leaders, teams, and employees across all levels.