Opportunity House

Opportunity House is an innovative initiative in Northern Kentucky to develop post-secondary education opportunities and stabilize housing for Opportunity Youth with a planned opening in the Fall of 2022.

Opportunity House will provide a supportive environment to young adults to reach their educational and career goals which lead to a pathway to labor market success for those who traditionally experienced barriers to completing education beyond high school. The goal of Opportunity House will be to reduce the challenges young adults face, including housing ultimately leading to educational success, employment, and self-sufficiency.

The project entails developing 15 efficiency and 1 one-bedroom apartments on Northern Kentucky University's campus with individual bathrooms and kitchenettes. In addition, there will be a large group room, classroom, full kitchen, and small meeting rooms.


Criteria for young adults to apply and enroll: 

  • Must be pursuing, or accepted, or enrolled (at least part-time) at an approved or accredited post-secondary institution *
    • certificate program, two-year certificate or degree program, or undergraduate degree
  • Must be unmarried without children
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Already have a High School Diploma or GED
  •  At least 18 years of age, and up to 24 at the time of enrollment
  • Obtain and maintain part-time employment (10 hours minimum a week) 
  • Regularly attend life skills workshops and meetings with a Case Manager
  • Must meet all eligibility requirements for Section 8 housing, including no felony convictions
  • Complete full program application and interview process

* Support can be provided with the post-secondary application process, if requested. Full post-secondary acceptance is required prior to enrollment in Opportunity House. 

Why We Do It

Youth in Northern Kentucky travel along many paths during their transition to adulthood. For some, the road is relatively smooth and direct, others face a more difficult path. Many of these young adults feel post-secondary goals are out of reach. This can be especially true for young adults aging out of state’s care or foster care, or those with similar life experiences. They often need additional and ongoing support to navigate post-secondary education opportunities while stabilizing their life situations. By providing access to affordable housing, and support services, Opportunity House eliminates many of the barriers young adults face in reaching their academic, career, and financial dreams. 

Many of the young adults in this program will be first-generation college students. They have hopes and dreams but may be unable to find a way to achieve their goals. These young adults may be on their own and often have little to no adult support or guidance. They need to know that they have a place to live, and their basic needs are met, to dedicate the time and effort required to succeed in post-secondary. This program will allow for them to live with peers that have similar life experiences while receiving ongoing support. 

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