TOGETHER is a promise to our families, community, supporters, and you. It is how our impact is amplified far beyond what each of us can do on our own. Our work is accomplished in partnership with you, which is one of the most powerful aspects of our success and unique approach to tackling the complex issues faced by our families and community. 

Our staff works TOGETHER with families to remove barriers, set goals, and accomplish dreams. TOGETHER with our donors and volunteers, we are able to provide a comprehensive array of programs. However, it is not just the programs we provide, it is how they work TOGETHER to provide holistic support to families that change lives. In turn, those we serve also support each other on their journey to achieving hopes and dreams. 

As we look toward the future and how to best serve the community, there is still much work to accomplish. A gift to Brighton Center propels our ability to create positive and transformational change...helping families to become financially stable, independent, and have the best quality of life possible. 

Join us, and TOGETHER we can ensure opportunities exist for everyone and our community thrives. 

Please consider becoming a monthly donor and help us create stories of hope each month!