Trades to Success

Trades to Success is a 3-week pre-apprenticeship program created to help customers find a trade career they love. Participants explore trade and apprenticeship careers, as well as job training and post-secondary education opportunities. Participants explore careers and industries such as electrician, line worker, construction, commercial driver’s license (CDL), supply chain and logistics, and many more.


Upcoming Trades to Success Cohort Dates 

March 25-April 12 (Daytime) 

June 3-21 (Daytime) 

April 1-April 19 (Evening) 

June 10-June 28 (Evening) 

Why We Do It

The number of jobs that once provided individuals without diplomas or post-secondary education has declined dramatically. With expenses mounting, finding a long-lasting career with good pay becomes of the highest importance for these individuals and their families. We believe that this program can connect individuals to the opportunities that are there, while also providing support to build a self-sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones.