Youth Leadership Development

Youth are empowered to make a difference in their own lives to develop their full potential.

Youth Leadership Development (YLD) is an after-school program for at-risk youth ages 11-15 to build leadership skills and conduct community service projects. Youth who are not already involved in positive after-school activities and therefore most at-risk are recruited to join YLD through their schools. YLD is currently in Campbell County Middle School, Dayton Schools, Holmes Middle School in Covington, Tichenor Middle School in Erlanger, Newport Middle School. Groups are held twice a week from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm in grades six through eight. Youth who enter high school may join Teen Coalition which is active in Newport and Campbell County high school.

  • YLD utilizes Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program(TOP)
  • YLD curriculum focuses on seven core competencies
  • Wyman’s TOP® curriculum is packed in four age/stage appropriate levels, and includes:
    1. Values Clarification
    2. Relationships
    3. Communication/Assertiveness
    4. Influence
    5. Goal-Setting
    6. Decision-Making
    7. Human Development and Sexuality
    8. Community Service Learning
  • YLD provides a safe, drug-free, afterschool environment for youth
  • Youth in YLD and Teen Coalition participate in college tours, recreational events, and career exploration activities such as job shadowing, and community service
  • Service Learning provides an opportunity for youth to take ownership in the community they live in, meet positive adults in their community and build self-esteem by fostering responsibility, accomplishment, and a sense of belonging to their community


Why We Do It

Youth who participate in after-school programs improve significantly in three major areas: feelings and attitudes, indicators of behavioral adjustment, and school performance. YLD employs the Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®), designed to develop social and emotional well-being and mental health of pre-teens/teens. TOP® was named an evidence-based Mental Health Promotion program by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). The TOP® approach provides youth with critical supports and opportunities to prepare for successful adulthood and avoid problem behaviors. Through YLD, youth learn to connect with peers, adults, and other resources that will continue to channel their energies in positive directions and will assist them in obtaining behavioral self-sufficiency. Ongoing participation in YLD and Teen Coalition encourages youth and teens to set long term goals of continued education post high school, healthy lifestyles, and positive decision making.

Additional Information

6th-8th graders enrolled in Newport Middle School, Campbell County Middle School, Erlanger, Dayton, and Holmes schools are eligible to participate in Club. 9th-12th graders in Newport High School and Campbell County High School School are invited to participate in Teen Coalition. All activities are free to youth/teens. We encourage youth who are not currently involved in positive youth activities to participate.

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