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Brighton Center at its very core is a community based agency. The people in our community and their needs are the driving force behind the work we do. Trends and fads will come and go, but Brighton Center will always provide services the community needs and wants. Every day, Brighton Center works to engage all members of the community from young children to seniors so that real change can become reality. Every one of them has a story worth sharing... the following are just a few.


In December 2018, my son and I were homeless. With all of our belongings in a backpack, we jumped couch to couch just to stay out of the cold. 

I never questioned my ability to be a mom. I knew I could do it, but situations like finding work without steady child care or getting the right education when you can’t find the time, make it hard to get by. At the time, we were the only family each other had. 

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Aurora Butler

When asked for one word to describe herself, Aurora Butler did not hesitate. “Adaptable,” she said. “I am always able to adapt to my situation and make it work for me.”  Although these past few months have been difficult for Aurora, as the sole provider for her three children she could not give up.  She was determined to keep pushing forward and that perseverance has paid off.  Aurora has found her dream job at St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

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Elsa first found out about the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program through a friend.

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Melissa Pilcher

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, meet Melissa Pilcher, Nutrition Education Assistant through University of Kentucky’s Nutrition Education Program.

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In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, meet Randi, Lead Financial Analyst at GE. Randi supports, encourages, and empowers youth in Brighton Center's STEM Bike Club not only during the afterschool program but also in their daily lives.

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April Williams

I’ve always been an alcoholic, but I never knew it. I thought I was just really good at partying.

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Most high school seniors are simply trying to get through school, hang out with friends, and plan their next break, but when Areion saw an opportunity knocking, she did not hesitate to grab it. While attending a low income housing meeting with her mom, Areion learned about Brighton Center’s Center for Employment Training, (CET) and the debt-free training offered.

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After everything I went through and all the pain I felt, it would take a lot to go back to the way things were. Your mind is warped and the drugs control you when you are out there. But there is life after drugs. If only I could have seen it sooner.

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