Homeward Bound Shelter

Youth are empowered to make a difference in their own lives to develop their full potential.

Homeward Bound Shelter is a 24-hour emergency shelter location in Covington, KY, that provides a safe environment and residential treatment services for runaway, homeless, abused, neglected, and dependent youth ages 11-17. Homeward Bound Shelter is the only direct access emergency shelter for youth under 18 in Northern Kentucky. Residential services provide trauma-informed treatment for youth in custody of the Department of Community Based Services for ages 11-18.

Intakes are conducted to gather information for eligibility, appropriateness and development of initial service plan

  • Provide basic support that includes shelter, food and clothing
  • A bio-psycho-social assessment is completed to identify issues
  • Treatment Team meets weekly to discuss new admissions, bio-psycho-social, and goals to be addressed in the service plan
  • Individual counseling is conducted weekly for each youth
  • Crisis Intervention and Referral Services are offered for local non-residential youth and families
  • Recreation activities are offered weekly for community recreational activities
  • Life skills are taught daily and groups held weekly
  • We use Positive Youth Development and Trauma-Informed best practices in our approach with youth.

Why We Do It

Research has shown that adolescents leave home several times with each succeeding departure longer in duration than the previous one, before actually living on the streets. The tendency for youth to be on the streets is largely attributed to the deepening problems many families face. Child abuse is a critical problem facing Northern Kentucky and an additional problem facing victims is the lack of immediate interventions and the accessibility of safe alternative living arrangements. Homeward Bound addresses these issues by providing 24-hour emergency shelter services that can be accessed by victims of abuse.

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