Ways to Wealth

Individuals and families receive the tools needed to gain financial control of their future

Ways to Wealth is a financial wellness workshop series that encourages employees to reduce debt and create a sustainable budget, increasing their peace of mind, and productivity. Ways to Wealth focuses on actionable steps that lead to positive financial behaviors. These behaviors impact not only your employees personally, but fuel their job performance, and intensify your business results. 

Workshops are customized for employers to meet their employees needs and business objectives. Each module is designed to offer 90 minutes of in-depth, face-to-face workshop instruction offered on-site in a group setting for up to 25 employees facilitated by a financial expert.. Select one module or a series - Fees apply (see below). Financial matrix will be presented to employer to help identify financial needs of employees before selecting workshops. 

  • Budgeting Essentials 
  • Understanding Credit Reports 
  • Saving on a Shoestring Budget 
  • Understanding Your Loan 
  • Foreclosure Process and Prevention 
  • Better Borrowing (credit cards, debt reduction, loans, ect.)
  • Bank Account Management 
  • Consumer Protection 
  • Homeownership A-Z
  • Tax Awareness 
  • Student Loans 
  • Long-Term Savings & Retirement


Benefits of Ways to Wealth 

Employees are your biggest asset! By investing as little as $20 per person your contributing to their finanical wellness and your bottom line. 

  • Access to a variety of money mangement techniques
  • Learning problem solving skills 
  • Preparing and recovering from finanical shocks without interruption to work life 
  • Pre and post financial assesment to show increase in knowledge and skills learned 

Why We Do It

Your employees financial health is affecting your business in ways you might not realize! 

Employees experiencing financial stress are more likely to:

  • Be tardy or absent
  • Suffer from physical health problems 
  • Experience distraction 

Ways to Wealth's proven strategies are designed to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism and turnover
  • increase employee retirement contributions
  • Give employees peace of mind and the ability to focus on the job

37% of employees say that at work each week, they spend three hours or more thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances

20% or one in five employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work. 

Ways to Wealth Cost

Choose any combination of the above workshops. 

  • One workshop is $750 for up to 25 employees which is an investment of only $30 per person 
  • Four workshops are $2,000 total for up to 25 employees at each which is an investment of only $20 per person