Stable Families

Empowering customers to move from crisis, to stability, to self-sufficiency.

The Stable Families program provides intensive case management to families with children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade in Boone or Campbell counties facing a housing crisis. The ultimate goals are to prevent homelessness, decrease student school mobility, and increase household income.

Why We Do It

Family stability is critical to both individuals and the community for numerous reasons. When families overcome a housing crisis, trauma is prevented and the academic success of the school-age children in these families is directly supported. Vulnerable families with school age children are at-risk of homelessness due to financial instability and other risk factors.

As the gap between housing costs and income continues to widen and housing foreclosures increase, more and more families are at risk of homelessness. Research shows that on any given day, at least 800,000 Americans including 200,000 children find themselves without a home. For extremely poor families and those with no safety net, even a seemingly minor event such as illness or a job loss can force them to move in with friends or relatives, live in a hotel, seek refuge in shelters or even live in their cars. Children of these at-risk families face the possibility of increased school mobility, decreased school attendance, and diminished school performance.

Eligibility Critera

  • Household with at least one child in grade Kindergarten through 3rd
  • Must reside in Boone or Campbell Counties
  • Must be at imminent risk of homelessness