Meet The Staff - Erica

Title and role:

I am a Food Service Specialist at Brighton Recover center. I run Center Table Catering, a full-service catering company where all proceeds directly benefit the Recovery Center. 

Brief description of what you do and the program you are in: 

I teach the girls that live at Brighton Recovery Center for women about culinary arts. I run the catering team.

What inspires you about the work that you do:

Alumni are who inspire me. When I first got to Brighton Recovery Center for Women as a resident completing the Recovery Center program, I couldn’t do anything and they taught me to be independent. Now, I can cook just about anything and can now give back to the place that built me, as a staff member. 

What do you like to do in your spare time:

I have a little boy who is my best friend, so spending time with him is my favorite. I also enjoy playing sand volleyball. I am a people person and attend AA meetings.

What are you passionate about:

I am passionate about being a better mom, my work ethic, and taking care of myself.

What would be your personal motto?

My personal motto would be; If you can’t love me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.