Brighton Center partners with Easterseals Redwood to offer prescribed pediatric extended care

CINCINNATI (Feb. 29, 2024) – Easterseals Redwood and Brighton Center announced today a new partnership to support children with medical needs in Northern Kentucky through Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) services.  

Easterseals Redwood has one of the only not-for-profit PPEC models in Kentucky. PPEC – also known as medical childcare – offers specialized nursing services in an all-inclusive, high-quality childcare environment for children with complex medical needs that require more attention and support than can be provided in a traditional classroom. 

Brighton Center in partnership with Easterseals Redwood will offer the PPEC program at Early Scholars Child Development Center in Newport, Kentucky. Early Scholars Child Development Center is a part of Northern Kentucky Scholar House (a partnership with Neighborhood Foundations), a statewide initiative to support single parents enrolled in postsecondary education, by providing comprehensive support across housing, childcare, and case management. Brighton Center has been providing quality childcare for over 30 years. PPEC will provide additional support to children six weeks to five years of age, the child’s medical needs as well as their social, educational (pre-k), and developmental needs to help them become more independent. 

“Through this new partnership, Easterseals Redwood registered nurses will provide pediatric medical care at Brighton Center’s offering new opportunities and a benefit of care to children at Early Scholars Child Development Center,” said Pam Green, President and CEO of Easterseals Redwood. “By collaborating with other organizations with like-minded missions, like Brighton Center we can expand the reach of our services to more people than ever so that all of us have the resources and support we need to reach our highest potential.”

Therapy services are also available to participants including speech, occupational and physical therapies. With all the services and specialists working together, children can make gains in all developmental areas and achieve learning objectives to improve their quality of life.

The availability of PPEC also improves access to care for families seeking an alternative to prolonged hospital stays when nursing is unavailable and frequent visits to physicians’ offices require time away from work or school. 

“Finding additional ways to support families on their journey to success is at the core of what we do,” said Wonda Winkler, President and CEO of Brighton Center. “By partnering with Easterseals Redwood to offer PPEC services, we can expand access to children at Early Scholars Child Development Center and provide an opportunity for caregivers to remain in the workforce knowing their loved one is receiving quality care while they are at work or school which strengthens the family and our community.”

PPEC participants will be in classrooms alongside students at Early Scholars Child Development Center to foster an environment of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion in a judgment-free environment. 

Some families may qualify for no-cost services. To see if you qualify, please contact Easterseals Redwood at 


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