Real Training, Life Changing

Real Training, Life Changing is an understatement for what goes into the program design at Brighton Center's Center for Employment Training. As a trainee you are not only provided with an opportunity, you are given tools that enable you to build a foundation and re-design your life. 


There is safety and security in these walls, we learn to trust and build confidence, enabling us to unlock hidden talents. As a graduate of this program, I’ve shared in many victories. It's amazing to witness the evolution of a person. Celebrating the success of others gives hope to those who are new to this journey. Often we think we need to make drastic changes to our lives, we are always waiting for the perfect time.


In reality, the time is now and the only thing we need to change is the way we view ourselves, the rest will follow. You can go anywhere to learn a trade, but very few places provide a platform that allows you to take your power back from situations that kept you down.


CET has been a home for those who didn’t have one and family for many who felt alone. 

I’ve seen people afraid to attempt their GED, find the motivation to combat their fears and be successful. Working with a Success Coach you learn to be your own change agent. Resources aren’t just provided, you are coached on how to navigate, advocate, and utilize the services available. You don’t have to feel like you're asking for a handout, it's because of your dedication and hard work that these services are available. 


As a former Success Coach, I know the value of building healthy relationships and learning to speak the emotional language of each person you work with. Barriers are removed, but not because we do it for people. Instead, we guide and empower individuals to do it for themselves. 

As a Skill Instructor, I am grateful there are no entry requirements for training. I have worked with some of the most brilliant minds who might not have made it past an entrance exam. Many have gone on to pursue higher education and credit their confidence and success to the foundation they built at Center for Employment Training. I give all the credit to the individuals who found success within these walls. 

As a trainee, I always thought there was something magical about this program. So many people have beaten the odds against them, stabilized their situation, and have successful careers. 
After 11 years of working here, I realize the magic isn't just in the program; It's in the people; the staff and customers alike. Most people just need a chance, they need someone who is patient and willing to do things differently. To have magic you have to believe, and we believe in our customers. 


Jonika graduated from the Medical Assisting program at Center For Employment Training in 2006 and became an employee as a Success Coach a year later. She has since become a Skill Instructor for both the Medical Assisting and Health Administration Technology skill divisions.  

"The many services and kindness I received as a trainee, is what made me want to be a part of the agency. I often would sit back and think how amazing it would be to work here, also knowing what our customers go through having lived it myself. I truly feel sharing my story with them, lets them know that they can be successful in this." 

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