Meet The Staff - Jonika

What is your title and role?

I am an Innovative Learning Supervisor at Center for Employment Training. 

Brief description of what you do and program you are in?

I am in the Workforce Development program at Center for Employment Training. I oversee curriculum development, implementation, and advancement. I also ensure the integration of cornerstones (adult education, skill training, career development, success skills) with an applied learning approach. Additionally, I get to lead instructional staff and provide coaching to ensure service excellence through a quality training experience, that is industry-related, and provides a “real work” experience.

What inspires you about the work that you do?

The people inspire me the most are customers and staff. Amazing things happen at Brighton Center and the people are what make the magic happen. Most people are afraid of change, but Brighton Center is a safe place to embrace those fears. There is no judgment, no restrictions, just good people doing good deeds while encouraging others to pay it forward. In a world riddled with politics, it is nice to be a part of an organization that values collaboration over competition.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

 Life can be chaotic, so solitude is everything. Gardening, reading, watching movies, preparing for my new grandbaby are some of my favorite things to do!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about communication because we speak our own unique language. Learning to speak one’s language not only allows you to connect with them, but also relay messages that are capable of breaking down barriers.

I am also passionate about self-discovery because we live in a state of constant transition and transformation.

What would be your personal motto?

Grow through what you go through