About Brighton Center

Together, through our community of support, we partner with individuals and families to help them reach financial stability and independence. During our last fiscal year, we impacted the lives of 24,986 individuals, from infants to older adults, across all 8 counties of Northern Kentucky and beyond. Knowing that the challenges families and communities face are often complex and that making positive change requires long-term holistic and comprehensive services, Brighton Center provides a true community of support through 8 areas of impact and our 45 programs.



To create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services, education, employment and leadership.


To be an innovative leader that strengthens the vitality of the community and engages people as they work and live to achieve their hopes and dreams.

What We Do

Brighton Center wraps a community of support around individuals and families by tackling the issues that prevent people from becoming self-sufficient, removing the barriers they face, and creating hope so that goals can be achieved and dreams realized. From our modest beginnings in 1966, we have grown to provide a wide range of programs and services, which include meeting basic needs, adult and early childhood education, youth services, housing & financial wellness, workforce development, substance abuse recovery for women, and neighborhood-based programs.

How We Change Lives 

Our secret to success in working with families is not only “what” services we provide but “how” we provide them! Rooted in our core values and guided by our mission, we strive to create an empowering, judgment-free atmosphere for individuals and families to create a path toward economic prosperity. 

We know that for families, all things are interconnected – the success of a child is interdependent on the success of their parent(s) or caregiver; the parents’ success is interdependent on the support of their family, friends, and community. Offering holistic services to parents and children not only reinforces impact but also accelerates it as both children and their parents build a solid foundation for the future. We strive to advance the integration and bundling of 48 distinct programs seamlessly for families so that there is no wrong door to receiving services. To do this, we bring to life our values, working in partnership with families to build on their strengths, recognizing that they know their situation best and are capable of making decisions that impact their lives. 

Achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency takes a whole family approach, and the journey is not always direct. These ideas and our commitment to integrated/bundled services guide our work in helping families and communities build connections, skills, and a future.

Who We Serve

During our last fiscal year, we impacted the lives of 24,986 individuals, from infants to older adults, across all 8 counties of Northern Kentucky and beyond.

Why We Serve

Even the smallest of obstacles can lead to huge barriers to achieving stability. Every day we celebrate the victories our families achieve as they build a strong foundation for life. We tackle the barriers that lead to a crisis in the first place.

Many of the people who come to Brighton Center have struggles related to the following:

  • Finding jobs paying a livable wage with benefits and opportunities for advancement 
  • Housing that is affordable (not more than 30% of income)
  • Quality, affordable childcare options
  • Help to pursue educational opportunities without taking on additional debt
  • Managing their finances and building assets for the future

Where they see an impossible amount of barriers, we see strength and determination, and with that, our families start believing again in what they had lost… HOPE!

Our Core Values

  • Everyone has inherent worth and dignity and will be treated with respect.
  • Families and individuals we serve know their situation best and are able to make decisions that affect their lives.
  • We promote strong relationships with families and individuals, partnering with them to build on their strengths and encourage them to be resources to each other and their community.
  • Our dedicated staff are passionate about our mission, embrace growth and leadership, change to best meet customer needs, and are engaged in the life of the community.   
  • Our comprehensive community based services are responsive, innovative, and life changing
  • We are accountable for the high quality and impact of our services.
  • Community-wide leadership and collaboration result in stronger services and an improved quality of life for our region.
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and racial equity are imperative to the strength of our organization and community.