Success Stories

Brighton Center at its very core is a community based agency. The people in our community and their needs are the driving force behind the work we do. Trends and fads will come and go, but Brighton Center will always provide services the community needs and wants. Every day, Brighton Center works to engage all members of the community from young children to seniors so that real change can become reality. Every one of them has a story worth sharing... the following are just a few.


“I have always been most impressed with the dedication of the staff to the Mission of the Center and how they take ownership of their programs to follow that mission.”

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"My one message to the community is thank you to those who currently support Brighton Center. And to the rest of the community, we need to get the word out about  ......WHO BRIGHTON CENTER IS AND WHAT THEY DO!" 

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From the time I walked into Brighton Recovery Center in February 2009 to today the changes in myself and my life are incredible. 

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Brighton Center’s team is doing a great job helping kids become better citizens and leaders in their community.

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"I first became involved with Brighton Center by being invited to join the Board by a Board Member who was ending his term.

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In 2005, the birth of my twins although a joyous occasion, caused me to give up a good paying job to become a stay at home mom. We had been a two income family with on children and we lived like it! Things got tight but after the credit cards had been maxed out we realized that we had to make some drastic changes. We got rid of everything from the home phone line, to the second car, and the satellite.

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"My message to others would be to please access these resources if you are struggling in any part of your life and you feel you need help because Brighton Center will help you with every aspect of your life and in turn your life will get better." 

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Remke Markets - Connie Flynn

Brighton Center has sincere care and compassion to help those in need in our communities. 

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Karis Hawkins

"Brighton has enriched my life easily tenfold."

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