In April, my husband and I both lost the full-time jobs we had been at for over five years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a family of five, with three sons ages 21, 16, and 13, we quickly used our emergency savings and were behind on bills and rent payments.

We were living off my husband's weekly unemployment checks because mine never processed correctly. We barely covered our basic needs. As I was looking for resources for my family, I filled out an online form and received a call from a staff member regarding available programs. Despite my experience with Medical Billing and Coding, I was never certified, so hearing about a debt-free option through Center for Employment (CET) Training felt like the perfect opportunity to advance my career, but I had other worries. I was hesitant to start a training program while trying to manage my family on such a limited budget, but Brighton Center staff were incredible and able to help. Staff at the Kentucky Career Center helped me navigate getting my unemployment benefits processed, and we finally started receiving my benefits in August. During this time, I received Emergency Assistance to help us get back on track with rent payments to avoid eviction and our utility bills to avoid shut-offs. We also received help paying our internet bill so that my three boys could continue schooling from home. All of this made it possible for me to start the Health Technology Administration training program at CET. My husband also found full-time employment, and we are stable enough to start thinking about the future. We recently started working with a Brighton Center Financial Coach in hopes of one-day becoming homeowners. Brighton Center makes me feel valued. I am so glad to be here, it keeps me motivated to continue working toward achieving my dreams. My family and I have so much opportunity here. 

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