In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, meet Randi, Lead Financial Analyst at GE. Randi supports, encourages, and empowers youth in Brighton Center's STEM Bike Club not only during the afterschool program but also in their daily lives.

"I have been volunteering for four years through Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative's Bike Club. I heard about the program through my job at GE and as soon as I saw STEM was involved, I was all for it.

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back and to teach the youth what someone poured into me as a kid. My life was drastically changed by mentors growing up so it has always been something very important in my life. I see the confidence that the youth build from week 1 to week 10 and it is incredibly rewarding. This program shows the kids that they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to and that’s greater than just building a bike."

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