Monika came to United States from Germany at the age of 18 and through television taught herself to read, write, and speak English.

After settling into Northern Kentucky and raising her family, Monika experienced a rough patch. She found herself homeless at the age of 69 and living with friends. Her only source of income was Social Security. A friend recommended contacting Brighton Center and with a quick internet search she found Saratoga Place Apartments. Saratoga Place offers seniors a safe and secure place to live with an on-site support specialist and access to additional Brighton Center services. Monika called to inquire about an opening and soon had her very own place to live. She turned to Brighton Center for help in furnishing the apartment because she only had one suitcase of personal belongings with her. She received a couch, chair, and coffee table to get started. Monika enjoys living close to necessities like the grocery store, bank, and her part-time job at Dixie Chili. Having her own place to call home gave Monika a new lease on life and a renewed sense of pride in achieving self-sufficiency. 

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