I first became involved with Brighton Center in 1992, when I was hired by Newport Schools in the A.D. Owens Family Resource Center, and began connecting families with community resources.  At that time, A.D. Owens School also contracted with Brighton Center for a mental health therapist.  

I am so proud to be involved with an organization that has become such a source of hope and support for families in Northern Kentucky. I am also proud to be a trusted community partner when it comes to collaborating with Brighton Center to provide better support for families! I am impressed with the depth of services available to community residents, as well as the caliber and longevity of the staff providing services!  

Brighton Center has become THE go-to, one-stop-shop for so many Northern Kentucky residents and families, and has remained current to the ever-changing needs that residents have as a result of the economy, trends in drug use, etc.

The work that I do for Newport Schools is BETTER because of my ability to partner with Brighton Center staff and programs, to maximize resources and relationships.  My membership on the Board has given me an additional arena to build relationships, and to provide feedback about community needs, perception, and resources.  

The most exciting work for me has been those opportunities when residents drive a program, or recruitment, or education!  Brighton Center does a wonderful job at seeing possibilities in their customers and allowing them to participate in these ways!

One way that Brighton Center has evolved over my time is their intention to step back, to take a look at the big picture with a customer, and have conversations with them about emergency assistance needs being met along with assisting with deeper, more meaningful goals for a family.

I am passionate about Brighton Center's intentional efforts to evaluate the agency through performance measures, and meeting/sharing best practice standards between departments as well as agencies.  

Brighton Center exists to provide individual, and ongoing, support to individuals and families in Northern Kentucky who have a diverse range of needs.  Take the time to get to know  Brighton Center staff and programs so that you can join them by volunteering, by making donations, by referring individuals and families to their programs, and by referring your friends and colleagues to share their time and talents with Brighton Center.  We all have something to offer, and we all may find ourselves - or loved one - needing services at some point.  

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