My name is Lynn and I’m with Bright Days. I am not a teacher…I am not one of the supervisors…I am not the cook. I am a Bright Days team member.

You see, I am a parent of two awesome children who attend Bright Days. Together, all the Bright Days staff and parents make up a team. They know me and most importantly, I know and trust them. I’ve been to other daycares and even had friends and family watch my children who I adore. But, there is no place in Northern Kentucky like Bright Days.

I can’t say enough good things about Bright Days. The teachers, supervisors, and Director Dellisa are wonderfully warm and responsive to mine and every child as well as the parents. They are very patient, kind and loving. There is a great balance of leaning and fun. The classrooms are bright, extremely well-organized, and clean.

My needs are met. My children’s needs are met. Also, Dellisa provides opportunities for us (the parents) to get together and talk. Talk about what’s happening in our lives. Talk about our children. Talk about where we would like to be in the future. Talk about where we want our children to be in the future. These events are called Parent Round Tables and I have attended every single one of them. The fellowship is awesome and plus, Dellisa feeds us very well.

I am a trainee at Brighton Center’s Center for Employment Training, in the Medical Assisting course. Bright Days enables me to continue my education and at the same time, I know that my children are continuing their education. My daughter is in Discovery Camp at Bright Days and absolutely loves it. They expose her to many places and things over the summer. My son, King, is an active toddler and has been at Bright Day since he was a baby. Both are growing socially, physically and are learning new skills.

Like I said before, we are a team. And…together, we are making sure that our children are following the right path as we walk side by side with each other. 

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