Brighton Center


I lost my husband in 2012. My income was basically cut in half which made it difficult to make ends meet on a fixed retirement. The bills were still there but the money was not. A couple years after the loss of my husband, I had to have major surgery that pushed me back more. I needed to locate resources that could help me get back on my feet and I turned to Brighton Center. 

I first heard of Brighton Center’s Family Center in 2007 when I was taking care of my grandchildren for my son. Through the Family Center, a family adopted ours for Christmas during the Holiday Drive. We received gifts for my grandchildren that they opened up on Christmas morning. We also used the Clothing Closet and Food Pantry to get commodities for my grandchildren when needed. When my son returned, I decreased my visits to the Family Center, but always knew they were there to help.

During recovery from my surgery, I began visiting the Family Center again for assistance. I first visited during their walk-in hours to locate some resources that would help me catch up on payments and receive commodities. This turned into meetings with the staff once a month. 

Working with a Resource Advocate, then a Family Development Specialist, I was connected with Financial Services through Brighton Center where I was able to improve my credit score and work on debt consolidation. They also offered assistance on gas and electric payments so that it wouldn’t get shut off. As my recovery improved, I needed to find a way to supplement my income. That’s where the staff made a referral to Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission's Senior Work Program. 

The Senior Work Program allowed me to get a fixed income and would not affect my other assistance. When I first signed up for the program, I started attending skill classes to get myself back into the workforce and find a job I was interested in. Through this program, I started working for a child development center three days a week and I am enjoying being productive again. We go outside with the kids, help them learn, and feed them. 

I now have two part-time jobs and I am able to keep my assistance as well. I am also getting ready to move into a new place. I tell people constantly about Brighton Center and how they have impacted my life in a positive way. I have been introduced to resources that otherwise I would know nothing about and if Brighton Center doesn’t offer it, they can lead to somewhere that does.

With the help from the Family Center, I’ve seen results in every avenue that I’ve needed. The people are friendly and they won’t give up on you. Thank you for encouraging me to hang in there, be positive, and continue to move forward. Life has come full circle.

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