I found the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) and Brighton Center’s Center for Employment Training (CET) during a tough time in my life.

Within a ten day period, I lost my job and my husband passed away. I knew I needed assistance to get back on my feet and turned to DCBS. While there, I was referred to CET. I enrolled in the Business and Computer Technologies skill division where I learned Microsoft Office®, customer service, and administrative skills. Brighton Center helped me to continue my education and also provided me financial help to assist with my son. They also offered childcare assistance so that I could attend school without any worries about who would be watching him during after school hours. All of the programs they offer to people are so impressive. Everyone wants to help you and I refer people to the Center all the time.

I felt like I was a leader in the classroom by modeling the way. I was quick to help new trainees in orientation and help others with their classwork. I also contributed greatly to group projects, including one where a committee and I helped plan our graduation celebration, making it a big success. I was happy to have the respect of the CET staff and my peers. I tried my best to stay motivated and encouraged. I was always a flexible team player with a positive attitude. I continued to show up even when times were tough.

In January, 2016, my hard work paid off. After graduating from CET, I was offered a position at Healthcare Services Group. I recently earned a promotion and am now an account manager with the company. Brighton Center truly brought me out of my shell. When I started at CET, I was very shy and struggled while giving presentations; yet, at work a couple months ago, I presented to almost 600 people and had no fear. Brighton Center also gave my son opportunities he would not have otherwise. He is thriving—playing sports and doing a number of other things he could not do before. I am proud to say I am financially stable and saving for the purchase of my first home. Without the help of DCBS and Brighton Center, none of this would have been possible.

I am honored to be associated with Brighton Center because they do so much for the community. They are always adding programs, answering phones, seeing needs, and giving all the help possible. I love their no judgement zone. They don’t look down on people and will do all in their power to help you. My advice to those who do not know about Brighton Center is to reach out to them. If they can’t help you, they will find someone who can. There’s always hope out there and Brighton Center is a great place to begin.

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