Brighton Center


I first became involved with Brighton Center, when I moved into Homeward Bound.

I was most impressed with the care and love the staff had for all the kids! Brighton Center turned my life around for the better and still to this day they support my choices and are there for me. Brighton has made a huge impact and it can be seen through all the men and women they have helped. They gave me an opportunity to be successful through money management, repairing and re- establishing credit. The staff also helped me get my first apartment! I remember when I lived in Homeward Bound and I went to my first prom; they went above and beyond to make sure that it was special for me. It is a memory I will never forget. The staff never gives up, they continue trying and finding ways to help. They continue improving their programs and reaching out to as many people as possible. I love the passion they have for their job. It truly is an amazing group of people who strive to make the community better! If you can help in any way I would always recommend giving to the Brighton Center.

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