In December 2018, my son and I were homeless. With all of our belongings in a backpack, we jumped couch to couch just to stay out of the cold. 

I never questioned my ability to be a mom. I knew I could do it, but situations like finding work without steady child care or getting the right education when you can’t find the time, make it hard to get by. At the time, we were the only family each other had. 

That Christmas, a family friend reconnected with us to give my son Roman presents and saw our situation. They took us in and my whole life turned around. With a steady roof over our heads, I had time to focus on my future. 

It was two years since I graduated high school and I knew I needed to get back into school not only for myself, but for Roman. I heard of Center for Employment Training (CET) through a friend who had just graduated in the Medical Assisting program so I decided it was now or never.
After attending a CET Information Session, it was extremely easy to get enrolled and I started classes in February to get my certification in Medical Assisting. The self-paced, hands-on classes helped me stay motivated and on track. I soon built a family with the staff and students and they are the ones to inspire me and keep me pushing. 

While attending CET, I missed a week of school because I did not have steady child care. It was hard to focus on my studies when I did not know where my son was going to be the next day. One of my instructors got my son enrolled in Early Scholars Child Development Center through Brighton Center. I was so relieved to finally receive affordable, quality child care because that was one less thing I had to worry about while getting my education. When I fell asleep at night, I knew I had a consistent place to take Roman in the morning. 

My son has been in multiple child care facilities, especially when I was in high school and Early Scholars is a wonderful facility. I don’t have to worry about him not receiving the care he needs or being neglected. My son has to get to daycare by 9:00 am so it motivates me to get up and get going. I have even been able to go to the gym before going to school and I’ve never been one to do that before. 

Through Brighton Center, I also have access to Sweet Cheeks where I get diapers, pull ups and wipes for my son, and feminine hygiene products for myself. We also receive deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and other necessities so we can focus on paying bills. 

Even though I am getting help to get to the next step in life, I feel more independent than I have ever been. I am making decisions to better my life and it’s a great feeling knowing I am doing this for myself and my son.  

Seven months after being homeless, I have found a family within Brighton Center and a family in real life. My whole life did a 360 degree turn and I can honestly say this is the easiest life has ever been. The hardest part was just battling myself to start. 

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