Ann Street Community Gardens

Empowering customers to move from crisis, to stability, to self-sufficiency.

The Community Garden has 96 raised beds, allowing residents to increase their knowledge of ways to grow food and cook nutritious meals.

This collaborative project began with community partners working together to accomplish two goals:

  1. increase access to fresh vegetables for the residents of the West side of Newport and
  2. increase their knowledge of ways to grow, harvest, and cook the vegetables so everyone can enjoy a healthier diet.

In addition to growing the traditional tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans, residents also enjoy growing different kinds of squash, greens, herbs, beets, onions, okra, and zucchini while learning how to expand the growing season by planting both cool weather and summer crops.


Where are the gardens?

Between 7th & 8th St. on Ann St. at 723 Ann Street (Community Beds)

St. Paul’s Church 7 Court Place (Community Beds)

Why We Do It

The nearest supermarket for the residents of Newport’s West side is a 25 minute walk, making it difficult to access fresh vegetables for a daily diet. All families and communities deserve to have access to healthy and affordable food. What better way for neighbors to get to know each other and build a stronger sense of community? The community gardens will also build the skills of residents to eventually create a garden in their own backyard, if they have the space.

Newport Community Gardens is made possible by residents and our community partners:

  • Brighton Properties
  • Brighton Center
  • Campbell County Extension Office
  • City of Newport
  • Newport Independent Schools
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Their ongoing support has carried us into our fourth successful gardening season!

Volunteers Needed

Long term volunteers are a vital resource in maintaining a successful community garden. If you are a master gardener or have the knowledge to teach others how to choose, plant, nurture, and harvest a garden in Spring, Summer, and Fall, please sign up to pass those skills on to another.

There are still plots available, $10.00 a plot or you can pledge volunteer hours in the garden.

To learn more about getting involved...

Contact Us

Veronica Pugh
859-491-8303 ext. 2342

Eric Owsley
859-491-8303 ext. 2305