City Futures

City Futures is a workforce development program designed to connect the residents of the City Heights neighborhood in Covington with quality employment services including career coaching, job readiness workshops, job training programs, resume services and funding for occupational training services in high demand sectors. Participants of the City Futures program can also receive financial coaching and family support services to assist them on their path to achieving their hope and dreams. The program is a partnership between Brighton Center and the Housing Authority of Covington.

We increase the opportunity for residents of City Heights to reach self-sufficiency by:

– Providing career coaching
– Connecting residents to education and job training opportunities that lead to employment
– Enrolling residents in the Job Plus Earned Income Disregard
– Financial coaching to improve financial literacy, grow credit scores and build assets
– Working with youth ages 14 through 17 to prepare them for future employment and educational opportunities.

The City Futures program is available to residents of the City Heights neighborhood in Covington.

Why We Do It

An individuals ability to achieve their hopes and dreams is directly related to obtaining and maintaining a job that pays a livable wage and an opportunity for career advancement. The City Futures program bundles workforce development programs, financial coaching, and family and work supports which provide a multi-faceted approach to income and asset building. When bundled together, participants are more likely to find and retain jobs, build assets, and achieve self-sufficiency.