Career Bridge

Career Bridge assits emplayers in providing their emplayees, future emplayees, and/or any other underemplayed in our region a clear pathway to career success through intentional career development.

The goal is to assist employers in providing their employees, future employees, and/or any other underemployed individuals in our region a clear path out of poverty through progressive career development while cultivating a talent pipeline to fill the most in-demand jobs in our region while assisting job seekers on a career pathway that will allow them to gain self-sufficiency.

1. The sending employer identifies an employee or employees for the program.

2. The employee is paired with a career coach from a nonprofit community partner.

3. The employee advances to a higher-paying job at a receiving company.

4. Brighton Center works with the sending employer to replace the employee with qualified candidates

Why We Do It

The Career Bridge Program provides an opportunity for individuals to reach their hopes and dreams while being directly supported by a career coach. Brighton Center’s Career Bridge program will assist job seekers to quickly establish, self-sustaining work. These key services align with and support a healthy regional economy.

Additional Information

Current employer partners include Chick-fil-A and Safran Landing Systems