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Funding Future Scholars

Help create future leaders by supporting Northern Kentucky Scholar House. For every dollar that is donated to Northern Kentucky Scholar House, a dollar is matched up to $5,000 by the generosity of Phil and Sheila Cohen. 

Help us reach our $10,000 goal by donating today!

Want to know what impact your donation will make?

$75 can provide six infants with formula for a week

$175 can provide a week of tuition for a child

$250 can provide skill-building workshops for 25 parents

$500 can provide 45+ children with two meals & snacks for a week

$1,000 can provide all six classrooms with enrichment supplies and activities for a year 

Northern Kentucky Scholar House is part of a comprehensive statewide, two-generational self-sufficiency program for single-parent families as they pursue a degree in higher education. Brighton Center provides child development services, life skills workshops, and case management support. Research suggests that post-secondary education is increasingly important to obtain a job that offers family-supporting wages. However, students who are also parents face significant and unique challenges to college completion. 

The two-generation approach of Scholar House invests in educational opportunities for both parents and children together; reinforcing each other. The regional importance of this project relates to our ability to educate a workforce for tomorrow, including our most vulnerable citizens. Scholar House provides the support and pathway to labor market success for those who, traditionally, have experienced many barriers to complete education beyond high school. Not only are parents able to pursue skills and complete their education to improve their economic security and stability, but simultaneously they will be ensuring their children are on a path from the earliest age to engage in lifelong learning.

85% of brain development occurs before the age of 5 but only 32% of Kentucky children enter kindergarten ready to learn on the first day. We recognize that during the first 6 years of life, a child’s brain develops rapidly creating the highest potential for learning. Early childhood education in high-quality settings significantly impacts a child’s chances for success throughout their life. By instilling an early love of learning, and fostering physical, emotional and social development, children are ready to learn by the time they enter kindergarten. Research shows that long-term early childhood programs increase lifelong earning potential, lower rates of teen pregnancy and incarceration, enable students to have higher earnings, lower the crime rates, and increase high school graduation rates. It is our hope that this success in learning carries them through to college.