Brighton Center

Family Daycare

Children and their families are provided a high quality educational experience in a nurturing environment leading to school success.

Our Family Daycare provider network cares for Northern Kentucky’s children by providing quality in-home childcare services for infants, siblings, and children of parent’s working 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift. We partner with and encourage families to participate in our programming to ensure that children are ready for kindergarten and the world in front of them. Brighton Center provides training, support services, and resource information, along with help in navigating the STAR rating system to over 25 in-home care providers. The Family Daycare setting is designed as a smaller, more personal environment especially good for infants and very young children.

  • Serving children year round – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift
  • Curriculum aligned with Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards
  • Individualized learning
  • Quality Learning Components (Language, Motor, and Social & Emotional, Provider Development)
  • USDA food program – free breakfast, lunch and snacks served
  • Tuition assistance from State Child Care Assistance Program or United Way

Why We Do It

Research clearly shows that a child’s brain grows at an extraordinary pace in the first six years of their life and thus lays the foundation for lifelong development. It is truly important to take advantage of this crucial time because the human brain has the highest potential for new learning. Appropriate early childhood programs not only help a child’s brain development, they also contribute to physical, emotional, and social development. Early Education in high quality settings like Family Daycare homes recognize that learning in the early years is critical to a child’s lifelong development and is geared to give children a jump-start in learning and prepare children for kindergarten.

The goal is to ensure children are ready to learn on their first day of school. High quality programs improve school performance; raise math and language abilities, sharpen thinking/attention skills, lower school dropout rates,  improve and strengthen interactions with peers, encourage more exploratory behavior, and prepares children to succeed in school. Long-term Early Childhood programs increase lifelong earning potential, lower rates of teen pregnancy and incarceration, enable students to have higher earnings, lower the crime rates, and increase high school graduation rates.

Family Daycare Providers


Jackie Austin
Newport, KY – 1 STAR
(859) 781-1011

LaDonnia Bishop
Newport, KY – 3 STAR
(859) 291-8608

Margaret Commadore
Newport, KY – 2 STAR
(859) 760-9544

Angela Thompson
Bellevue, KY – 1 STAR
(859) 431-4757

Nicole Williams
Newport, KY
(513) 377-1771


Catrina Anderson
Covington, KY
(513) 429-1665

Nann Ross
Covington, KY - 2 STAR
(859) 360-1406

Christy McCain
Independence, KY - 2 STAR
(859) 647-1392                                                                                                  

Marsay Whitlow
Covington, KY
(859) 878-4748      


Lonnette Cottrell
Hebron, KY – 3 STAR
(859) 689-0890

Debra Mason
Florence, KY - 1 STAR
(859) 746-0897

Pam Phillips
Florence, KY - 1 STAR
(859) 282-7655


Kim Palmer
Dry Ridge, KY - 2 STAR
(859) 823-0767