Brighton Center

Children and their families are provided a high quality educational experience in a nurturing environment leading to school success.

Every Child Succeeds (ECS) is a collaborative evidence-based home visitation program that includes 9 provider agencies (for which Brighton Center is one) whose Social Workers, Child Development Specialists, and Nurses provide services for first-time, moms and dads on a regular basis from the time of pregnancy until the child’s third birthday. Designed to optimize child development and promote a variety of positive outcomes, Every Child Succeeds provides home visits to families in seven counties in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky using the national, evidence based monel - Healthy Families America and the state, evidence model - HANDS.

  • Since becoming a provider agency with Every Child Succeeds, Brighton Center has enrolled 2,641 families and provided 74,317 assessment and home visits (6/30/14)
  • Brighton Center serves first time parents residing in Campbell, Boone, and Grant Counties
  • Children enrolled in Every Child Succeeds are less likely to die as infants. (4.7 deaths per 1000 compared to the KY average of 7.5 deaths) (1999-2009)

Why We Do It

Brighton Center is one of 9 provider agencies for Every Child Succeeds. The mission of Every Child Succeeds® is to offer Greater Cincinnati first-time mothers and their families support to ensure an optimal start for their children. The critical window for normal brain development is in the first 0-3 years – requiring proper nutrition, safe environment, nurturing interaction, and educational play. Home visits focus on positive parenting, self-sufficiency, child safety, preventive health care, and early intervention as a means to affect a positive trajectory for the child, promote child and family well-being, and work toward school readiness. Home Visitors help parents access prenatal care and other community-based resources.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a first time mom or dad
  • Can enroll prenatally or until your baby is 12 weeks old
  • An interview will be scheduled in your home to collect family history and determine eligibility
  • Visits can continue until baby is three years old
  • Services are voluntary and there is no cost to the first time parent